How to clear the cache in Firefox

Table of contents

    Fast delete with the keyboard shortcut

    1. Press the following keys at once: CTRL, SHIFT, and DEL
    2. A Popup opens with the title “Clear all history”
    3. Make sure to only select the checkbox next to “Cache
    4. Click on the button “OK
    5. Reload the site

    Delete the cache through the menu in Firefox

    Alternatively, you can also clear the cache by going through the menu:

    1. Click the three lines under the “X” top right corner
    2. Click “Setting
    3. Click “Privacy & Security
    4. Find section “Cookies and Site Data
    5. Click “Clear Data,” and a new window will pop up
    6. Select the box next to “Cached Web Content”
    7. Click the “Clear” button.
    8. Reload the site