How to Delegate Access to Your GoDaddy Account

Table of contents

    To help us manage your GoDaddy domain or products, you may need to delegate us access to your account. It’s simple to do, here’s how:

    1. Log in to your GoDaddy account:
      Click here to go to the GoDaddy login page.
    2. Go to the Delegate Access section:
      Click on your name or profile icon in the top right corner and select ‘Account Settings’. From there, under the ‘Account Settings’ drop down menu, click on ‘Delegate Access’, or you can try clicking here.
    3. Invite Us:
      Under the “People who can access my account” section (the right column), click on the “Invite to Access” button.

      In the ‘Invite to Access’ window, fill this out:
      Name: CyberOptik
      Access level requested: Products, Domains, & PurchaseThen, click on ‘Invite’ and you’re all set.