More and more companies are appreciating the convenience and personalized service they get when the people who developed or manage their website also host it. That’s why CyberOptik has a full menu of managed WordPress hosting plans to meet the specific requirements of your company.

Maximum Performance, Minimum Headaches

You want maximum performance from your website hosting company, and that’s exactly what you get with us. Our state-of-the-art servers are highly UNDER-utilized, which means our hosting clients enjoy a performance level that’s unparalleled.

When you host with CyberOptik, your site:

Will Be Fast

We set a maximum number of websites per server and monitor performance, just in case. You’ll experience all of the power and speed you need without the technical problems associated with “low-cost” hosting.

Will Be Secure

When we host your site, you’ll experience a level of unbeatable security (including free SSL certificates). Thanks to regular, comprehensive security sweeps, as well as built-in hardening, we catch issues before they become problems.

Will Be Backed Up, Daily

Your website is safely backed up daily, 3 different ways, and we keep up to 30 backups of your site just in case something happens.

Will Be Protected

As an added guarantee, if any security issues do arise, we’ll take care of them at no cost to you.

Will Stay Golden

Your site visitors won't be interrupted. Our hosting will allow you to enjoy 99.9% or greater uptime.

Will Be Personally Managed

We'll keep your website running smoothly so you can focus on what you do best. CyberOptik has been offering web hosting services since 2001.

We’ve got the expertise and flexibility to provide the highest level of hosting services for your website.

Speed + Power + Flexibility + Confidence = Excellent Web Hosting