Should I run a WordPress security plugin?

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    Security, rightfully so, is super important in today’s day and age, and we at CyberOptik take the topic very seriously.

    The short answer here, if you’re hosted with CyberOptik, is no.

    We’re going to dive into the reasoning why below.

    What about a WAF (Web Application Firewall)?

    Yes, a website should run a firewall, similar to your personal/work computer should.

    This is built into our hosting and we’ve got you covered there!

    What about a security plugin?

    A security plugin such as WordFence can be run on our hosting if you’d like extra insight into your website’s security, but we don’t recommend it. Having too many layers of protection can sometimes cause issues and we have things well locked down without a plugin.

    The WAF (noted above) is handled on the server-level, so it’s a better level of protection than a plugin-level solution.

    What about a malware/virus scanner?

    This is sometimes built into a security plugin and isn’t needed either, but you can certainly run it. Sites we host get scanned twice a day with two separate malware/vulnerability scanners. If there happens to be malware there, or even if there is a plugin that has a security update available, we’ll get notified and will get it handled. This is covered within your service with us.

    What about [insert some other security solution here]?

    If there’s another product or security-related service you’re curious about, always feel free to ping our helpdesk and ask.