Businesses today know the importance of branding. While it encompasses many facets, branding boils down to one simple principle: Make your company immediately recognizable and understood in the marketplace.

Strategic branding can create a voice for companies without ever saying a word.

Effective branding means making sure that every piece of marketing material you create contains your unique, integrated brand. Your logo needs to be uniform and look the same everywhere it appears. Specific coloring and fonts for a company name, symbols, backgrounds, and imagery should be consistent throughout your entire marketing structure. 

Through the use of unique design, style, colors, and emotion, any enterprise can have a symbol that—with proper promotion—instantly resonates with customers and prospects.

With years of experience in building fantastic brands, we can help you imprint your company in the minds of your target market. Will this make you as big as Apple, McDonald’s, Microsoft or Nike? Maybe, we can’t make any promises, but you will experience better reception and retention with a quality brand identity. If you plan to head toward serious market penetration, strategic branding must be one of your critical first steps.

Need help building your brand identity? Need a modern logo or business card designed? We can help.

Logo Design

A one-of-a-kind logo that represents your company is paramount in establishing your brand. Once developed, using it on all of your marketing materials will help build customer recognition that reflects your mission.

The team at CyberOptik is here to help you create a logo that reflects precisely what you stand for and what you’re all about. It may seem like a lot to fit into a single, simple design, but if you work with our logo design pros, the process is easier than you’d expect.

Business Cards

Since your business card is what creates a first impression, it’s an essential marketing tool that represents your brand, message, and mission. A successful business card will lead to a phone call or a visit to your website that could result in a sale or at the very least, a new relationship.

Our team at CyberOptik is here to help you create a stunning business card that makes a statement greater than the words printed on it.

Print Design

CyberOptik has the expertise to create stunning designs across a variety of printed items.

Since these products are used in the marketing and promotion of your company, we make sure to include your unique brand image to further consumer recognition.

We offer a large array of print designs from letterheads to greeting cards, envelopes to notepads, and everything in between.

Common Chicago Branding Questions

What is your design process?

We start by reviewing your brand guidelines if you have any. From there, we look for any ideas/input from you, as all the design work we do is custom. Depending on what we are designing, we’ll start with at least two concepts and map out the best game plan.

Can you provide examples of your previous work?

We have our branding portfolio, which includes logos we’ve done, and we can provide other samples depending on what you’re looking for.

How do you handle revisions and changes to the design?

We’ll map out how many revisions and initial concepts are included with your package. Once we provide the initial concepts, we’ll look to you for input on what you like and dislike so we can come to the best final design for you.

Of course, we’ll also give you our two cents throughout the process.

Do you have experience with specific design styles or industries?

Our designers are adept at matching any existing style you want.

Can you provide references from past clients?

Sure, please check out what our clients say.

What is your pricing structure?

Based on what you’re looking to have designed, we’ll map out the best package for you and confirm a fixed quote.

Do you provide the final design files in different formats (e.g. JPG, PNG, vector)?

Yes. We’ll provide you with the proper file formats depending on what we are designing. This is often a vector file, JPG, and transparent PNG.

For a logo, this may also include light/dark versions of the logo files.