If you were to ask a digital marketing professional how important search engines are in determining the success of a business, it’s an easy answer: they’re crucial. If your revenue relies on being found online, search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy you can’t afford to ignore.

Look at these two stats:

0 Billion
Web Searches

In April 2018, Americans conducted more than 17 billion web searches; that’s over 380,000 searches per minute

0 %
Use the Net

97% of consumers used the internet to search for a local business in the last 12 months

SEO, The Right Way

While you may think it’s impossible for your company to break through all of the competition on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., that’s simply not true. Search engines are equal opportunity rankers. The key is doing SEO the right way, which is what CyberOptik is all about.

Local vs National

If you need better rankings for local or national searches, we have the expertise to guide your SEO strategy toward a winning conclusion. Local SEO means making sure people in your geographic market can find you online. National SEO includes reaching potential customers throughout the United States.

Modern Strategy

Successful SEO strategies require a team with solid experience in their implementation and up-to-date knowledge of how search engines “think.” When you align yourself with CyberOptik, that’s exactly what you get.