Do you want your website to do the heavy lifting for you?

If so, it’s time to consider the vast array of added functionality we can implement, so your visitors to get the most out of your site.

Increase customer engagement through custom development.

Our skilled team of developers can build immersive functionality into your site that helps improve the user experience. From automatic formatting that makes your job of management easier to functions that allow users to engage further with your website and company, we can add all sorts of tools to connect you with your customers and potential customers:

Client Portals

Give your customers login credentials to access exclusive content.


Receive email messages and/or text messages when a customer submits a message or order.


Showcase your product, team, and/or event photos in uniquely designed galleries.


Make it easy for visitors to view your locations, get directions, and more.

Team Biographies

Put a face to the team and leadership that make your company unique.


Add events, classes, shows, etc. so visitors can learn more, sign up, and even purchase tickets.

Custom Online Forms

Learn more about your customers’ needs and give them an opportunity to connect.

Videos & Documentation

Curate a collection of videos, articles, tutorials & downloads to help your customers achieve their goals.

Job Postings

Notify visitors of employment opportunities, give them a way to inquire and send resumes.

Product Catalogs

Give visitors an interactive and searchable catalog of your products or services.

Just About Anything Else

The sky’s the limit! If you can imagine it, our team can help you make it a reality. We’ll provide you with the best options to execute your vision.

FAQs On Custom Chicago Website Development

We can develop applications you’d like to run on your website or within a web browser. To name a few: user/membership portals, directories, custom map functionality, advanced filters, and project management tools.

We do not do ‘app’ development (i.e., apps you’d install on your cell phone or tablet).

We’re very thorough and pay attention to the details. We also constantly strive to give you the best outcome, so we won’t simply take what you tell us and make it happen; we’ll ensure the solution we build is the right one to solve your pain points.

We approach custom development in three phases, each building upon the previous.

Phase 1 is Research/Outline, where we dive into the details and create a complete outline of how things should work.

Phase 2 is Mockups, where we wireframe the various pages/views so you can click around and see how things will flow. At this phase, there’s no functionality.

Phase 3 combines everything, the outline, and mockups, to create the final solution.

We develop exclusively in PHP, MySQL, WordPress, and related technologies.

We can host/support anything we build and, in some cases, solutions created by other companies.

Get in touch for a free high-level consult to see if you’re a good fit to work with us.