My site shows a security/SSL warning

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    Nowadays it’s a standard that websites run securely. When they don’t, your web browser or your computer’s security software could flag the website as not safe.

    First Off, Run A Scan

    The first thing we do when an issue like this pops up is to run a scan.

    Use and copy/paste your website address:

    Second, What’s Being Flagged?

    There are a number of reasons this could be happening:

    You have an insecure image/frame/script trying to load (Mixed Content Error)

    For this issue, the scan would tell you the specific website, code, or image/file that is loading insecurely. You simply need to find and replace that issue or change the ‘http’ to ‘https’ in it.

    There is an issue with your SSL certificate/hosting

    This is less often an issue, but if this gets flagged, you will need to contact your web host to fix this issue (whether us or your external host)

    Next Steps

    After you run the scan, if you’re not quite sure how to fix the issue, simply reach out to our helpdesk.