How To View Your Website Traffic/Analytics

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    On websites we build and launch, we always set up Google Analytics. It’s a great free tool offered by Google to help keep an eye on your website traffic and usage. It can help you see how many people are visiting your site, what pages they’re viewing, where they’re coming from, and more.

    Below are common questions we see:

    Where do I log in to view my website traffic/analytics?

    You can log into Google Analytics here: 

    You will need to log in using a Google account, this could be your Gmail, Google Workplace, or YouTube account.

    Once I log into Google Analytics, why I don’t see my website listed?

    If you log in and you do not see any websites listed, we may need to add access for you. Please email our helpdesk with your website + email address (so we know what email to add), and we’re happy to help.

    How do I actually use Google Analytics?

    We don’t directly support/answer questions on Google Analytics, we can’t answer questions as this isn’t a service of ours.

    If you’d like, we’re happy to install our video tutorials in the backend of your WordPress website, which includes videos on Google Analytics. Please contact the helpdesk.