My changes aren’t showing up on my website

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    There are a few situations where you may make changes to your website and they don’t seem to show up for you (or sometimes, anyone else).

    Did you purge the cache of the page/website?

    This is often the quickest solution. Assuming your website is hosted by CyberOptik, simply click the ‘Purge’ Cache’ button that you have at the top of your WordPress dashboard:

    When you update a page, the cache should be auto-purged to show the latest version, but sometimes you’ll manually purge it.

    Something that you will always need to purge the cache for is if you’re editing menus, headers, footers, or other changes that are then reflected on more than one page. Any time you’re making a change that affects more than 1 page, you’ll most likely need to reset the cache to make sure the changes show across all those pages.

    The changes show up for me as an admin, but no one else.

    You’ll need to follow the solution above and purge the cache.