CyberOptik has extensive experience cleaning up hacked websites of all kinds including:




Types of Infections We Clean:


Malicious Redirects

SEO Spam

Google Blacklist

Pharma Hacks


Google Search Warnings

Why is it important to clean up a hacked website right away?

Visitor Safety.

A hacked website can redirect your visitors to other websites, which is never good.

Decrease In Traffic.

Google can pick up on your website being hacked and show a warning in search results next to your website, leading to less traffic.

It Looks Bad.

A hacked website makes you look bad and lets visitors question if they should do business with you.

How We Clean Your Website


We make a full backup of your website, just in case.


We’ll set up a temporary website firewall to help filter out any malicious traffic/attempts on your website.

Deep Scan

We scan your website with multiple tools to make sure we catch every infection that exists.


We clean any infection(s) that are found and test your website afterward to make sure everything looks and works as it should.

Follow Up

We also submit your website to Google to remove any ‘This site may be hacked’ or ‘This site may harm your computer’ notices.

Guide & Monitor

After we’re done we’ll reach out with a list of suggestions to help prevent your website from having issues again. We’ll also keep an eye on your website for 30 days. If any hacks happen again within this time period we will immediately clean them up again for FREE.

Common Hacked WordPress Website Questions

Can you clean up any website?

We only clean up WordPress websites, so as long as your site runs on WordPress, we can help.

Will I need to change my web hosting?

No. You can remain with your current hosting, however, sometimes your web hosting is part of the issue, and we may recommend upgrading your hosting.

How long will it take to clean up my website?

The process is usually complete in 2 to 3 business days.

Is my website guaranteed not to be hacked again?

Cleaning up a hack is guaranteed for 30 days; however, to prevent future hacks, there are steps that we will advise you to take. We will include these after your website is cleaned.

How do I get started?

Get in touch for a free consultation.