I’m not receiving form notifications from my website

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    Many websites we build have contact forms on them. Sometimes things don’t work exactly as they should, and you may not be getting notifications from those forms.

    We take this issue very seriously, but we have limited ability to fully troubleshoot this, as often the issue is not on our end. Let’s dive into the possibilities.

    Have you checked your spam folder?

    The most common issue with this is that your email service, for some reason, is marking your form notifications as spam.

    This isn’t anything we have control over; we use a premium email service to send out these email notifications, but we have no control over whether your email service accepts our emails or marks them as spam.

    If you do find the form submissions in your spam folder: You will need to contact your email provider or IT company to have them whitelist these types of messages from your website. If they have any questions, contact our helpdesk.

    Is the form actually on your website, or is it an external form (Salesforce, Mailchimp, etc)?

    We have clients that have forms that directly hook into their CRM or email marketing platform. In this case, we cannot control these forms, as they’re not actually part of your website, they’re working directly with that outside system.

    Solution: If the form is not actually hosted on your website and is with a third party, you will need to contact their support.

    Where can you see a copy of all form submissions on your website?

    If you’re having issues receiving form notifications; we suggest taking a look at the backend of your website to make sure you haven’t missed any other messages.

    Most commonly, CyberOptik uses Ninja Forms to handle forms on websites we build or work on. If this is your case, you’ll see a page called ‘Ninja Forms’ in the left menu of your admin area.

    Simply click on ‘Ninja Forms’ and go to ‘Submissions’ to see a copy of all forms submitted on your website.

    This will let you see and confirm if you’ve missed any form submissions or not.

    If none of the solutions above have helped you…

    Please get in touch with our helpdesk so we can take a closer look for you. We’ll absolutely troubleshoot to the best of our ability, but please keep in mind what we can only make sure that email notifications are being sent out from your website, and that’s where our tracking/troubleshooting ability ends.