Check Your PHP Version in WordPress

Table of contents

    There are several methods you can use to check the PHP version that your WordPress website is running on:

    Route 1: Via the WordPress Admin Dashboard

    1. Log into your WordPress admin dashboard
    2. Go to Tools > Site Health
    3. Under the Info tab, look for the section titled Server
    4. Clicking this will then show you the PHP version your site is running on:
      Phpmyadmin is a widely-used free and open-source administration tool for managing MySQL databases. It provides an intuitive web interface, phpmyadmin, written in PHP. With phpmyadmin, users can

    Route 2: Via a Plugin

    1. Log into your WordPress admin dashboard
    2. Go to Plugins > Add New
    3. Search for this plugin: Display PHP Version by author David Gwyer
    4. Next to the plugin, click Install Now
      A screenshot of the PHP version of a WordPress website.
    5. Then, click the Activate button
      Check and display the PHP version in WordPress.
    6. Navigate back to your WordPress admin dashboard, and within the ‘At a Glance’ box, you will now see something along the lines of this: