What to Include When Contacting our Helpdesk

Our team is here to be a resource for all of our clients, whether something isn’t working as it should or you simply have a question relating to WordPress.

When reaching out, to help us help you quicker, please be sure to include all relevant information:

  1. For each new problem or request, please send a new email to help at cyberoptik.net.
  2. Web Address. Be sure to include a link to any page(s) you’re asking about.
    Example: https://www.cyberoptik.net/web-design-redesign/
    Bonus: if you can include a screenshot with your notes, that is very helpful.
  3. List of questions/problems/requests. To help us efficiently take a look at everything for you, we suggest a bulleted or numbered list that shows everything you’re getting in touch about.

    Example, if you’re reaching out about some changes you’d like us to handle for you, you’d put together a list like this:

    1. https://www.cyberoptik.net/ – tweak ‘XYZ’ text to ‘ZYX’
    2. https://www.cyberoptik.net/websites/ – please add a new service, ZYZZZ, and use the attached ‘hello’ image for it. Use this description: sample text here
    3. All pages – we have a new phone #, please make sure any instance of 123-123-1234 is changed to 321-321-3211
  4. If you’re having an issue; we need to be able to see / reproduce the issue on our end, in order to help you. Please include any steps/instructions so we can experience the same issue that you are.
    1. Action: what did you do for the issue to occur?
    2. Expectation: what did you expect to happen?
    3. Result: what happened instead?
    4. Bonus: If you can include screenshots, this is always very helpful.




Still getting stuck? Feel free to contact our dedicated WordPress support team for any further assistance.
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Updated on April 13, 2022