Why are there plugin updates in my WordPress Dashboard?

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    I thought CyberOptik does the plugin updates for me, so why are there updates?

    If you host your website with us or are on a care plan but host your website elsewhere, yes, we handle your plugin updates. You never need to worry about doing these.

    We handle these on a monthly basis and keep an eye out for any security-related updates (to push those through ASAP).

    Updates are always being released throughout the month. So, while we do them monthly, the very next day after we handle all of the updates, chances are that there will be more updates. You’ll most likely never see ‘zero’ updates available in the backend.

    What if I want to do the plugin updates myself?

    If you’d like to handle your own plugin updates, certainly, go for it.

    Please note that if anything breaks during the process, we may not be available to fix your website right away. This is why we suggest letting us handle the plugin updates for you. We review your website before and after doing updates, to make sure things look and function as they should.