If you were to ask a digital marketing professional how important search engines are in determining the success of a business, it’s an easy answer: they’re crucial. If your revenue relies on being found online, search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy you can’t afford to ignore.

Our Technical SEO Services

CyberOptik can help optimize your website from a technical standpoint to ensure search engines are able to successfully crawl, easily index and better understand its content. Our team offers a range of SEO services that will cover all aspects of technical optimization, including:

Crawlability Analysis

We analyze the structure and architecture of your website’s codebase and make sure it is set up in such a way that search engine spiders are able to easily crawl, understand and index your pages.

Site Speed/Performance Optimization

We will conduct a full performance audit of your website and identify any issues or bottlenecks that may be slowing down the loading speed of pages, which can negatively impact user experience and rankings.

Mobile-Friendly Optimization

As more and more people view websites on their mobile devices, we will ensure your website is fully optimized for all mobile users in order to create a positive user experience and reduce the bounce rate of visitors hopping off of your site without any engagement.

Duplicate Content Reduction

If you have duplicate content on your site, search engines are likely to ignore these pages and will not index them if they are deemed low quality. We will help you identify any issues with duplicate content that may be negatively impacting your website’s SEO and take steps to reduce it through professional copywriting.

Structured Data Optimization

We will ensure that all structured data, also known as Schema Markup, is properly implemented on your website in order for search engines to better understand the content of a page and serve relevant results. While schema markup doesn't directly influence rankings, it can significantly improve the overall click-through-rate (CTR) onto your site from the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Robots.txt & Canonical Tag Configuration

Our team can help configure your robots.txt file and canonical tags to help search engines crawl, index and understand the content of your website in order to serve relevant results to users.

Internal Linking Structure

When you internally link back to other pages on your site, you are not only potentially improving the average pages per session and session duration of your site visitors, but you're also providing a boost in authority for those pages and helping search engine crawlers and bots to better understand how those pages are related. We will help you create an internal linking structure that is optimized for both users and search engines in order to support navigation, increase page authority and improve rankings.

These are just some of the Technical SEO services we offer our clients at CyberOptik. We can also provide a comprehensive audit that will give you an overview of all the areas where improvements can be made for your website.

We strive to create a comprehensive plan of action for our clients in order to ensure they are able to make meaningful improvements that can drive organic traffic, engagement and conversions.

Our technical SEO audits include:

  • Identifying technical issues that impact search engine visibility such as duplicate content, blocked resources or poor site structure, including broken links, orphaned pages, and poorly indexed URLs.
  • Analyzing the health and performance of your website, such as page loading speed, server response time, mobile-friendliness and redirects.
  • Assessing any schema markup that is currently implemented in order to improve click-through-rates from SERPs, as well as identifying opportunities for schema markup implementation where it might currently be overlooked.
  • Checking the crawlability of your site using specialized tools like Screaming Frog or DeepCrawl in order to identify any potential issues that could impact the search engine’s ability to index and rank your pages.

Why CyberOptik?

As a Chicago-based web agency for more than twenty years, we understand all the in’s and out’s of an efficient and effective website. It can’t just look good – it needs to function properly and rank well on search engines, too. Our team is well-versed in best practices for optimizing websites from a technical standpoint, allowing us to quickly diagnose and address any potential problem areas. With our team of expert web developers, site designers and SEO experts, you can rest assured that your site is in good hands. Reach your online marketing goals with our custom-tailored SEO strategies.

Technical SEO FAQ

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO refers to the optimization of your website’s infrastructure and code in order to improve its visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). This includes optimizing page speed, indexability, crawlability, mobile-friendliness, structured data, internal linking structure and more.

How can Technical SEO help my website?

Technical SEO can help improve the overall visibility of your website on SERPs by improving its indexability and crawlability. Through optimizing page speed, structured data, internal linking structure and other factors that can influence how quickly search engine crawlers are able to access and index your content. Additionally, technical SEO can help improve user experience (UX) by providing visitors with a better navigation structure and faster page loading speed.

What are the benefits of utilizing Technical SEO services?

The primary benefit of using technical SEO services is improved visibility on SERPs. By optimizing your website’s infrastructure and code, you can ensure that search engine crawlers are able to quickly find, access and index your content – leading to higher rankings in search results. Additionally, improving page speed and providing users with a better navigation structure can also lead to increased engagement and conversions.