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W Greeley Studio - a WordPress agency specializing in logo design and development, helping businesses sell their products and services.
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Sell your products and services with our WordPress agency specializing in new paradigm marketing & websites.
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We’re Worth It

Why Sell to CyberOptik?

This isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve acquired five agencies of varying sizes since 2019.

We’re Local

While we work with businesses all over the United States, we focus on Chicagoland. We don’t meet with clients often but they like knowing we’re nearby.

Smooth Process

We want to make the experience of selling and transitioning your business as smooth as possible for both you and your team.

Polished Onboarding

CyberOptik has spent over a decade perfecting our onboard process, so we can efficiently onboard your clients and their websites.

Ron has over two decades of web development and hosting experience coupled with a management and marketing background. As proprietor and founder of CyberOptik, he handles all daily operations of the company. Ron’s attention to detail is reflected in the company’s work and its clients’ success.

Warren brings over fifteen years of professional web design experience to the CyberOptik team. He specializes in usability–making sure every aspect of a site is intuitive, goal driven, and effective. When Warren is at the helm of your web project, you can rest assured that your site will not just look beautiful but will effectively engage your audience on any screen.

Lindsey plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the company. She oversees and manages all internal processes, effectively coordinating between various departments to maintain operational efficiency. Outside of work, Lindsey resides in Kentucky with her husband and border collie, where she enjoys unwinding by playing video games during the weekends.

Guillermo brings over ten years of experience in website project management to the CyberOptik team. Guillermo works directly with our clients to ensure that their unique project requirements and our high quality standards are met from start to finish.

Mitch is a seasoned digital strategist with over a decade of experience and excels in SEO, automation, AI, and sales-driven strategies. His expertise spans diverse domains, ensuring growth-focused results for your digital initiatives. With Mitch at the helm, expect a results-driven, adaptable approach tailored to your needs.

Chris has been strengthening his expertise in the technology field for over 25 years. Before joining our team, he owned and operated a successful IT support company. Now, as the Support Director for CyberOptik, Chris spends his time improving customer support and client satisfaction through seamless communication and ongoing engagement.

Our Leadership

An assembly of experts in design, development, process, & strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of businesses do you want to acquire?

Our main focus are small care plan businesses or agencies with a portfolio of websites that they built and host/care for.

What kind of information will I need to provide?
Take a look at our guide on How To Sell Your WordPress Agency, to start. Initially, we would need general numbers about your business. How many websites, what types of services, do you have a general geographic region your clients are located, how much revenue/profit. From there, if it sounds like it could be a fit, we’d both sign an NDA and we would need to dive deeper ‘behind the scenes’ of your business, to make sure all of the information provided is accurate, and to ensure the overall health of the business.
I’m not ready yet, but can we still chat?

Sure. If you’re not yet ready to sell but you may want to have someone lined up for when you are ready, it still makes for us to chat and see if we’d be a good fit for each other.

Let’s Talk Business

We’d love to connect with you about the possibility of acquiring your book of business consisting of Wordpress websites that need a new home.

A WordPress agency selling a phone.