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The apple with a bite out of it. The Golden Arches. The four-color Microsoft Windows flag. The Nike swoosh. These are company symbols that consumers immediately recognize. They’re examples of how strategic branding can allow a company to speak volumes without ever saying a word.

When a ranch puts its brand on the hindquarters of a cow, one look at the brand tells you everything you need to know about that cow. You don’t have to examine the whole animal to get the picture. That’s exactly how business branding works. Through unique design, style, colors, and emotion, any enterprise can have a symbol that, with proper promotion, instantly resonates with customers and prospects.

CyberOptik engages in smart marketing.

CyberOptik engages in smart marketing. Where branding is concerned, that means making sure that every piece of marketing material you create contains your unique, integrated brand. Your logo should look the same everywhere it appears. Unique fonts you’ve chosen for one project should be the same for every project. Specific coloring for a company name, symbols, backgrounds and select text should be consistent throughout your entire marketing structure.

With years of experience in building fantastic brands, we can help you imprint your company or organization on the mind of your audience. Will this make you as big as Apple, McDonald’s, Microsoft or Nike? Unfortunately, we can’t promise that, but if you plan to head toward serious market penetration, strategic branding must be one of your critical first steps.

Let CyberOptik help you create a brand image that resonates with your market and keeps you in the mind of your audience. Call our branding team at (630) 296-6932.

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