So you’re designing a logo, and you made the wise decision of hiring an experienced design firm. Your logo is an essential part of your business branding and its importance can’t be understated. Once you’ve embarked on this wonderful journey, what should you expect in the form of deliverables?

Multiple File Formats

If your logo designer shoots you a flat JPEG as the “finished product”, you’ve been duped.

Your final design should include a range of formats that you can archive for future use. You should typically expect to have “flattened” versions of your logo that are ready for Web and print use. Additionally, the original source images (typically in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop format) should be provided as well.

Color Formats

Your logo designer should also provide versions of these files in CMYK and RGB color formats so that you are ready to use them in print and on digital devices. CMYK is a standard format for sending graphics to print. You might think it’s easy to just convert your logo over to CMYK quickly – but there is often inaccuracy in this process so it’s something your designer should be considering from the outset of your logo design.

Black & White & Scaled

You should also expect to have a variety of sizes ready for use on Web, print, email signatures, etc.

One format that is often forgotten is a black & white version of your logo. Sometimes just converting your standard logo design to black and white is not enough – making adjustments to the brightness, contrast and background of your logo might be necessary to get the right appearance in a black & white format.

Icon Files

In addition to multiple formats and sizes, icon files are often included in a professional logo design. For example, the favicon used for websites. This is a tiny (16×16 pixel) image that is used in the browser title on your website.

Other icon formats may be included – like desktop .ico formats or resized icons for Web use. If these aren’t included in your logo design contract, but are expected, be sure to discuss them with your designer.

This article covers some of the major essentials that a professional logo design will typically include. Be sure to take the time to discuss with your logo designer and understand exactly what deliverables are expected when your new design is ready.