How long is it been since you flipped through the Yellow Pages? Why are you wasting your marketing dollars on the same methods that have been tried for years?

The printing press days are long gone – we live in a digital age where smartphones, mobile devices, wireless and high-speed Internet rule the world. Chances are your customers are not looking in the back of their closet for a phonebook when they need your help, or even looking on online local directories. The first thing a person does when they need something is Google it.

Google Places for business started appearing in organic search results in late 2010. Combined with Google maps they created the ultimate directory. Google places results show directly after the Google AdWords links in Google search results.

Results for Google Places are listed based generally on a trust score generated by Google. Cecause of this the confidence users have in listings is much higher than business results due to the perceived value. So what does this mean for you? Traditional SEO is still very beneficial for ranking your site in Google, but to reach a local customer optimizing for Google Places is less expensive and much more effective than many other advertising mediums.

Whether you are a small business, mom-and-pop shop or large company this is where you’ll find your customers. When customers are looking for a nearby place for products and services they are interested in they will see your business listed along with all of your business information including your hours of operation, address, contact information, a link to your website and even a picture of the front of your store. Google maps will even give a street view of your storefront and step-by-step directions to guide customers to your business.

Most of the savvy business owners out there have already signed up for their free Google maps listing and it’s important that you do the same. To step ahead of the competition this is where small business Google optimization comes into play. You want your local business to appear in those first seven listings – this coveted 7-Pack makes up the top ranked sites in Google places and gets your business the highest visibility. Google Places listings are usually shown before all of the actual website results in Google search, so being listed in those top seven Google places listings helps you get the most views. CyberOptik can help you optimize your listing. Making it into the top seven is not easy – it’s a tedious, long and unforgiving process. There are many elements that are involved in optimizing for Google places, such as category, keywords, inbound links, reviews and website ratings. The free listings put you on the radar, but without optimization it’s very likely that your listing will crawl to the top. We can help your places listings climb to number one much faster than your competition.

Optimizing your Google listing the smart way to dominate your local market. Whether you are a chiropractor or a contractor, any small business can increase their bottom line with a well optimized local listing.
So why not reach out to CyberOptik today?