Your business website should be a powerful online marketing tool for generating leads and sales for your business. There are some advanced capturing tools available, yet many business owners don’t have the time or experience to learn the technology needed to create professional lead capture pages.

Fortunately, WordPress simplifies the process with some useful tools that will turn your site into a powerful lead capturing tool.


What are the main goals you have for your business website? Among these you will most likely include the following:

  • Increasing your subscriber list
  • Gaining insights on what visitors are looking for
  • Gathering new leads
  • Turning leads into paying customers
  • Sending out valuable information to your leads

For you to achieve these goals, you will need to implement some effective capture pages and tools. By using these capturing tools, you can grow your subscriber list rapidly.

Capturing Information

You want to make the most of your visitors. When somebody is interested in your website and products, you want to try and capture their email address and contact information, and include them in any future contacts or newsletters whenever possible.

WordPress makes it quite easy to add email opt-in forms and subscription forms to your website. You can capture this information to subsequently reach out to prospects or to provide additional deals and discounts that get them engaged.

You can also create a survey page to collect more detailed information. Create a short, to-the-point list to collect information about your visitors wants and desires.


Aside from the standard built-in WordPress features, many plugins are available to extend the functionality of your website.

Using plugins like Contact Form DB let you easily create forms, place them around your site, and collect contact information and opinions from your visitors.

Plugins are perhaps the best route to quickly implementing such features without the assistance of a developer.

By implementing some basic lead capturing and information gathering forms, you can make the most of every visitor on your website.