If you’re responsible for marketing your company and guiding your branding efforts, you have almost certainly considered your need for a logo. It’s tempting to avoid the costs of a professional custom design, but it can also be very dangerous. You might consider ignoring the process entirely and using a simple text logo that you made up in your spare time. Ignoring the importance of your logo can be risky business.

Your logo is the face of your brand

Branding is central to marketing success and the ultimate recognition of your brand name as a leader in your field. Conveying a powerful message, emotion and personality to your customers is what defines your business in your industry. Your logo is a central component of that branding message.

Without a logo that conveys the branding message for your business, you’re missing a vital component. You’re throwing away the face of your company, and giving up one of the best opportunities you have for creating a visual bond between you and your customers.

Your logo can speak volumes when there isn’t room for words

A logo does more than just looking pretty. When your logo has been tightly associated with your branding efforts, just a glance at that design will invoke feelings and thoughts associated with your brand.

Imagine trying to accomplish this within the space of a postage stamp – without using images. It’s virtually impossible. A great design will convey more than words can in limited space.

A powerful message behind your logo means that you can leverage your strong brand name to work your message into all kinds of places – in tight ad spots, on products and merchandise, clothing, and much more.

Images speak louder than words

A powerful visual image can convey a lot more than words can in a brief period of time. Obviously, words are a powerful tool that your business needs to incorporate into your branding and marketing efforts – but when you’re limited to a glance, or a five second window to capture someone’s attention, words aren’t going to cut it.

A powerful image will catch people’s eye, and “hook” them into reading your content and following through.

Incorporating the branding elements of your business into your logo design and creating a powerful visual for your company are key components of a solid branding strategy.