Every business has competition. Companies can work together in an industry, but at the end of the day it’s the competition that is behind a lot of innovation. Staying at the head of your field and being an expert in your industry are vital to being successful.

Getting an edge on your competitors doesn’t end with improved products and customer service. It goes all the way into your social media campaign and your authority in the popular eye. Video marketing can help you set you apart by bringing more attention to your brand, showing your knowledge and reaching directly to your target audience.

Define Your Goals

Start out by setting some specific goals for your videos. Try your best to stick to your goals. For example, your goal might be to establish your authority with a series of informational presentations or how-to videos. When you set specific goals for your videos, you can make better use of your time, avoid getting sidetracked, and better evaluate your progress and results.

Study Popular Videos

Before embarking on your own videos, take some time to see what other people are doing. Look at the most popular videos. Look at videos your competitors are making. Look at videos that users are sharing and liking the most in your industry.

Once you understand what your customers like, what you’re up against in terms of competition and where the “blank space” lies –you’re ready to start carving out your own video niche in your industry.

Research Your Audience

One of the most common mistakes is to jump in without understanding your target audience. You might create a lengthy, in-depth video that is rich with information but is largely ignored. If you customers are young and prefer short videos, you might put all that work into your video creation and end up with videos that just aren’t popular.

Understanding your customers problems and needs will help you identify what kind of videos to create in the first place.

Understanding your customers browsing preferences and habits will let you target your video format and style appropriately.

Understanding when and where your customers are sharing your videos will let you design a strategy for releasing and promoting your videos when ready.

When you factor in all of these key points and plan appropriately, you can properly implement a video marketing strategy that will help your business stand out against the competition.