Brianne Bishop is an interior designer from Chicago with an exquisite sense of style. Her clients know this, but she wanted our help showing off to a bigger audience online. 

As a multi-talented creative, Brianne wanted a site that showed off all her skills while demonstrating her charming aesthetic — and we were happy to deliver.

The Goals

Brianne Bishop Design is known for a timeless, classy approach to modern design, featuring bold monochrome textures and subtle earth-tone accents. Their new website needed to capture this feel to give visitors a clear and consistent brand experience.

With someone as talented as Brianne, it’s wise to show off her many creative talents. While interior design is her focus, she wanted clients to know about her architecture training and to share insights about her work through an easily updated blog.

We aren’t the only ones talking about Brianne Bishop Design. The agency has won multiple awards and is featured prominently in interior design industry magazines. That kind of press is valuable for convincing clients that Brianne runs a top-level agency. So she asked for space to collect her press features for visitors to see.

The Challenges

Modern websites need to work just as well on a mobile browser as they do on a desktop screen. When we’re building a site around showcase photos, we give extra attention to cropping, dynamic arrangement, and image optimization to ensure each visitor gets to see what the agency can do.

When you’re as busy as Brianne, you want your website to stay up-to-date with your latest projects, blog posts, press features, and photographs. This means her new site needed to be easy to update and maintain without extra web development training for her and her team.

Establishing your brand’s reputation through your website is tricky. Having a well-designed site is a good start, but including testimonials and press coverage about your work gives visitors confidence about your brand. Brianne has earned several awards, so it’s a win-win to showcase them on her new site.

The Results We Achieved Together

To start, we took a careful look at the work Brianne Bishop Design has done and built a color theme for the site to match. Grounding the layout with dark monochrome framing and gentle earth tone accents makes the site feel like stepping into a space Brianne has designed. 

The site easily adapts to desktop and mobile browsers with large, responsive navigation buttons without losing any clarity. Carefully cropped feature images ensure that no matter how a visitor’s screen is oriented, it’s full of Brainne’s brilliant design work.

We knew Brianne had various projects and other content to share, so we built two different portfolios and a blog for her. One portfolio focuses on her work in residential spaces, transforming living spaces and bedrooms into classy, comfortable places. 

The other highlights her interior design projects for business and corporate clients. Whenever Brianne has a new insight to share with her community, her easy-to-update blog is just a single click away.

Finally, we built a Press page to highlight coverage of Brianne’s work and the awards she’s won through her brilliant design. Showing off her cover features and multi-page spreads at a glance allows visitors to get access to her accolades and drill down to see more of her featured work.

Are you an Interior Designer Looking for a Reliable Website Partner?

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