Generation Law ensures that when somebody passes on, their final wishes are met. Opening their doors in 2003, they’ve found a specialty in estate planning, helping plan out guardianship and other elder-related concerns for families in their time of need. 

Because of their clientele and their work, they needed a website that conveyed a clear message, easy-to-follow navigation, and–most of all–was unique to their firm’s mission. 

The Goals

Our first goal was to ensure that the website was as easy to use as possible. We understood that Generation Law catered to families going through challenging times in their lives, and having a needlessly complicated website would only make it harder for their potential clients to reach out and get the help they need. 

Another crucial goal was to make sure that we followed all of the wishes of the client. Generation Law came to us with complete mockups and graphics they wanted used on the site, so we aimed to have their vision translated into reality as transparently as possible while still making the site user-friendly, manageable, updateable, and modern. 

The Challenges

Because Generation Law provided us with complete mockups, this meant there was little room for variation. Any designer will tell you that this level of clarification can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, the client is upfront with what they need and even has the proofs. On the other, this can leave so little room for modifications that any changes may be a hard-fought battle between design, functionality, and accessibility. 

Another challenge was to ensure the website was fully mobile-friendly. Generation Law had a clear vision in mind for what they wanted their mobile website to look like, so we had to ensure that their vision made it into the final product in a way that worked and that aligned with their brand image and design. 

The Results We Achieved Together

Because Generation Law was so detailed about their design goals and performance needs, we were able to provide feedback, manage expectations from the onset, and design a site that met all of their needs. We ensured all of their customized graphics were included while also keeping navigation as easy as possible to manage throughout. 

We made sure that all services were listed clearly and in a way that makes it possible to understand at a glance for any visitor to the site. We also made sure to include detail about who they serve and how in a way that connects with their clientele and sets expectations. At the client’s request, we provided referral links to other practices that service legal needs outside of Generation Law’s niche.

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