If you’re like some business owners, you probably spend a fair amount of time each day devising search engine strategies to increase your chances of getting banned from Google. Now, we can’t prove that certain business owners do this, but based on some of the practices we see, we have to believe this is so.

Assuming you’re one of these forward-thinkers, we at CyberOptik want to provide a little assistance in your quest to disappear from the search engines. So here are our six great ways to get banned from Google. (And these tips really do work, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

#1. Use cloaking practices consistently.
Give Google (and its users) a compelling search-result description while having that link go to a completely unrelated page on your site. Users hate being redirected to a page they aren’t interested in, and Google doesn’t like it, either.

#2. Don’t create original content – just copy and paste.
You’ve got some keyword-rich pages, so make the most of them by pasting them on other pages and blog posts across your site. Better – steal content from other websites and use it word-for-word on yours. And don’t worry about copyright infringement, because nobody ever gets hauled into court for that anymore.

#3. Use popular keywords.
The best way to attract them is with super-hot keywords that you can use within your content, regardless of the type of business you’re in. Make liberal use of high-traffic keywords/phrases like “Lose 25 pounds in one month,” “Insider’s gambling secrets,” “How to pick up any woman,” and “Kim Kardashian nude.”

#4. Do link-building the JC Penny way.
In 2011 it was found that the retailer had live links on 2,015 pages in cyberspace that took clickers to its main dresses page. Those links appeared on websites about fishing, online games, dentists, snoring, diseases, hotel furniture and many other irrelevant sites. Google banned JC Penny, and after fixing the problem, it took the company three months to regain its rankings. Your results could be similar.

#5. Another great way to get banned from Google is to hide text on your website.
All you have to do is add chunks of garbled but keyword-charged text that’s the same color as the page background so that the search engines will see it but readers won’t. Google hates being tricked, and this is a great way to stir up a lot of animosity.

#6. Write your title tags for search engines, not humans.
Don’t worry about a clear description – rather make sure important keywords are stacked in there. For example, if you run a mold removal company, a good title for a page about mold cleanup might be: Mold Removal Mold Inspection Water Damage New Trucks CEO Fired — doesn’t that sound like something Google would eat up?

As you can see, there are many imaginative ways to get banned from Google in 2015. And this list is just a start. Do a Google search and you’ll find many more.

However, if you want your business to shine on Google and always make the search giant happy, CyberOptik follows best practices for SEO and other website essentials that we’d like to share with you. Call (630) 296-6932 for all the details on winning search engine optimization, and let Kim Kardashian fend for herself.