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The 50-Point Website Essentials Checklist

This checklist of 50 website essentials will help you quickly review your web design and diagnose common problems.

Domain Name & Website Functionality

  1. Domain name uses your important keywords?
  2. Have email addresses pointing to your domain?
  3. Have multiple versions of your domain purchased (.com, .org, .net, .biz)?
  4. Does the site load quickly? (Speed test)
  5. Does site load and appear correct in all major browsers?
  6. Does the site load quickly on mobile devices?

Overall Design

  1.  Is your company name clear?
  2.  Logo is linked to the home page?
  3.  Font size and style are appropriate and match your brand?
  4.  Color schemes match your brand?
  5.  Good use of “white space”?
  6.  Adequate use of graphics? Too much text or too many images?
  7.   Any overwhelming distractions – such as flash, animations, or music?
  8.   Is there a need for horizontal scrolling? (This is a bad thing, usually)
  9.   Are your business social media profiles linked?
  10.   Email opt-in form or call to action on every page?
  11.   Videos embedded or linked (where applicable)?

Website Navigation

  1.   Easy to navigate and find what’s needed?
  2.   Easy to navigate on mobile devices?
  3.   Navigation/menu bar properly positioned and easily seen?
  4.   Prominent links to all main pages?


  1.   Company message and call to action above the fold?
  2.   Company phone number and address (if applicable) visible?
  3.   Addresses the needs and wants of the target audience?
  4.   Addresses how the business can benefit the target audience?
  5.   Fresh content added consistently (for instance, a blog)?
  6.   Free of spelling and grammatical errors?
  7.   Free of industry jargons that visitors may not understand?
  8.   Proper keywords used in content?

Content Layout

  1.   Content laid out in short paragraphs so it can be skimmed?
  2.   Are bullet points being used?
  3.   Sub-headings being used and styled properly?
  4.   Call to action on all pages?

Contact Us Page

  1.   Easy to find?
  2.   More than one contact option? (phone/email/forms)
  3.   Company address listed?
  4.   Hours of Operation listed?
  5.   Street map added / find directions?
  6.   Is all company information current?
  7.   All “forms” working properly and being delivered?
  8.   Forms available for visitors to request a quote, request a call, etc.?

About Us Page

  1.   Easy to find?
  2.   Clear description of company?
  3.   Shows owner and employee biographies?
  4.   All information current?
  5.   Social Media profiles linked?

Onsite SEO

  1.   Keyword optimized page title or “title tags”?
  2.   Proper Header Tags?
  3.   Proper keyword placement in content?
  4.   Business address listed on every page?
  5.   City and state used in content?

For more valuable info be sure to check out the Web Design 131 whitepaper.

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