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The Importance of Researching Your Social Media Strategy

A few decades ago, social media had no part in business at all. In fact, up until just five years ago many business owners were still largely unaware of social media. Now more than ever, it is becoming clear how important social media is to modern business.


There are billions of daily users on website like Facebook and Twitter. Social media marketing has the potential to bring your brand to the masses without a massive budget. However it’s important to research the social media landscape and understand the differences between some of the social networking sites so you can properly leverage what they have to offer.

Not All Social Networks are Equal

There are more than just one or two big social media sites. Different sites attract different users and help businesses fulfill different goals.

Twitter, for example, works great for busy business owners that want to share quick updates and links. However, Facebook allows you to post lengthy status updates if desired.

Google Plus offers local business listings to companies so that local consumers can more easily locate local products and services. Some other social media sites also offer the ability to add local business details, but not with the same range of options that Google Plus provides.

Researching Helps You Compare Social Media

Ideally you will be able to sign up for all of the major networks and establish a working profile. However, this can be time consuming and challenging, especially for a small business. It’s better to identify the networks that your target customers are using, and the ones that suit your needs for social media publishing.

Tools like Facebook business pages might be ideal for you, but some businesses are better off utilizing Twitter in the short-term to get their message across with minimal up-front preparation.

Whatever your choice, it’s better to take your time and do a bit of research, then do it right on a handful of sites instead of doing a lackluster job on dozens of social media sites.

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