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Should Your Offline Business Be on Facebook?


Facebook is one of the most popular websites on the Internet. While Facebook is used mostly by people for personal networking and entertainment, businesses are also finding that it is a very effective way to build a brand and communicate with their customers. If you have been wondering whether you should start using Facebook to market your business online, here some important things to consider.

You versus your competition

Is your competition already on Facebook? If so you’re probably losing customers. People search for businesses on Facebook and when they go to look for your business, they’re finding your competitors instead. However, if your competition hasn’t started a Facebook account yet, you have a competitive edge. You could be the first one in your area and industry.

Are your customers there yet?

Practically every demographic uses Facebook, but there’s still the possibility that your customers aren’t there. If your target market is an older generation who don’t use the Internet heavily, it may not be worth marketing to them with Facebook. One easy way to find out is to come right out and ask your customers. And every opportunity that you have to speak with your customers, provide them with a quick survey to find out if they used social media, and how to use it.

Find me on Facebook

Traditionally people used to exchange phone numbers. These days, people just say find me on Facebook. It offers a powerful way to connect with people that you have that offline. This is how people are making personal connections now, but also how they are connected with brands that they love. Customers clients, colleagues, business associates that anybody else that your business is involved with can find you on Facebook.

Searching on Facebook

People are using Facebook to find the products and services they need more often than ever. This is true especially of local searches, or people are looking for businesses in the immediate area. This Facebook feature is a great way to connect with people you otherwise would not have come in contact with. Social media sites like Facebook and also replace traditional word-of-mouth. People now find your business on their friends profiles and take that as a valuable recommendation and word-of-mouth referral.

Special fan only deals

Your Facebook strategy can work especially well when you offer something exclusive to your online fans. You can create special deals that are only for your Facebook customers. Run contests with your Facebook page where people can win prizes. By establishing a customer loyalty system and rewarding your customers for lights and shares, you can also help them spread and share your business to their network. Each of these strategies provide customers a good reason to spend time directing with your business on Facebook, not just when they are in your store.

Interaction and engagement

Facebook is not like regular websites and one significant way, it’s all about interaction. If you’re going to start using Facebook, the goal is to get people on your page and engagement. Provide people with something to do on your Facebook profile. By doing this, it gives people a sense of participation in your brand, engages them, goes a long way to build long-term customer relationships.

If you have any questions about Facebook or bringing your business online feel free to give us a call at 630-296-6932 or contact us.

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