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Making WordPress and Social Media Work Together

Social networking has made a tremendous impact on how people use the Web. Some small businesses might be wondering if they still need a business website, or if they can just use Facebook and Twitter for their website presence.

While social media does offer many of the same tools that traditional websites do, there are still many things that a professional website offers that social media can’t.

WordPress can be an ideal bridge between the two – making your business website integrate seamlessly with your social media presence. Going  forward, your website and social media can work together to help you get more eyes on your business.

Here are a few of the reasons why you need to take advantage of a professional website and leverage social media at the same time:

You Are the Owner

When you run a WordPress website for your business, you are the sole owner and have full control of the website and contents. Content posted to social media websites often becomes the property of the social media site and/or the public. It also associates all of your content and branding with that of the social media network.

You Have Total Control

Social media sites offer numerous distractions and advertisements alongside your brand. With your own business site, you control all of the content.

Instead of distracting people from your brand name and advertising potential competitors to them on your own social profile, you’ll be able to decide what they see.


Social media can be used to enhance your credibility, but only as an extension of your business. Without an actual business website to build your social media image around, it can actually hurt your credibility. If users search for your website and only find your Facebook profile, they might assume you are inactive or not really taking your business seriously.

You only identify yourself as a leader in your industry by establishing your own business site, and using social media to enhance your network and provide new ways to engage with your primary site. It’s important to leverage both of these portals. WordPress can seamlessly link content up to your social media profiles, and your networks can drive traffic back to your main website.

To learn more about using WordPress to build your website, and what to keep in mind, view the Web Design 131 whitepaper.

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