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How to Get Setup with Bing Maps

Bing Business Portal is a location-based social media site for businesses from Microsoft. Bing is a relatively new contendor, starting in 2009. Bing recently added location-based services in an effort to compete directly with Google Places and Yelp. Once you have listed your business on Bing Business Portal it will appear in Bing Map and in other Microsoft websites. Having your business listed in Bing Business Portal can help get your company more exposure and connect better with your customers.

Check for Your Business

Head over to the Bing Business Portal website and click on “Get Started”.

First, you can enter some basic information on your business including your address and phone number. Before going ahead, the site will look for any existing listings that your business might have. If it discovers an existing listing, you can elect to “Claim” the listing and take control of the existing page.

If there isn’t a listing for your business yet, go ahead and click on “Add New Business” to add your new business listing.

Creating a busines listing will require a free Microsoft account. You can either log in with an existing account, or set up a new account to move ahead.

Basic Business Information

You can begin by completing basic business details including your business name, address, phone number, website URL and other important or relevant details about your business contact information. You can then select a category for your listing. Bing categories are fairly limited, but try to select the most relevent category for your business.

Similarly to Google Places, you can list several different categories. Select categories that contain keywords you want your business to be listed under in search results. You can add up to ten categories, so make the most of this feature by selecting as many categories as are applicable.

Bing will also let you add your Facebook and Twitter profile URLs to integrate with Bing’s service. Follow the instructions on Bing profile pages to add your social media websites URLs.

You are also able to upload images and videos, and you should set up your company logo at a minimum. Feel free to add additional photos of your business to help make a more complete profile and to help customers see and learn more about you.

More Details

Under “Edit your business details” you will find additional sections to provide detail about your business, such as hours of operation, availability of parking and the types of products and services you carry. Each section can be expanded for additional details like these.

Bing will allow you to include several links to your profile beyond just your website URL, so you can utilize this to include other pages on your website that you want visitors to see. For example, a restaurant could add a link to their menu page, or any store could add a link to their hours of operation page. Also add links to specific products or services that you want to stand out.

Verifying Your Account

Finally, you need to verify your account. Select the verification link and Bing will provide you with a PIN number on a postcard that is sent via post. It might take several days to get the postcard, so alternatively you can receive a phone call to get your PIN number. Next, just enter your PIN number to verify the account, and then it will be sent to Bing for final review. It can take a few more days for them to compelte a review and approve your account.

Bulk Upload

Bing also provides a bulk upload feature that lets you create large numbers of listings at one time. Look for the option on the profile page for “25+”. Once selected, a Bing customer representative will reach out to provide instructions on how to complete a bulk upload.

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