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Facebook – The New Marketing Frontier

Facebook advertising is a rapidly growing industry that is still in its infancy. Since it’s inception Facebook has been primarily a social and personal website. As Facebook has evolved over the years, businesses began to develop their presence on the rapidly growing social network. Small businesses that aren’t utilizing the power of a Facebook presence are losing out on an opportunity to market to their audience in one of the most effective ways at zero cost.

Since the recent IPO, Facebook has been making a strong effort to revitalize and restructure their advertising system. Stockholders are demanding revenue and Facebook is putting their focus on advertising to generate that much needed income. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, has historically protected the data of Facebook users from public exposure. However, this data is where the value of Facebook truly lies, and we can expect that Facebook will begin utilizing that data to generate highly targeted advertising opportunities for their business customers and expand on their revenue.

The Future of Facebook Marketing

The future of Facebook is still an open book, but it’s clear that the massive social giant is moving their focus towards clickable ads – ads that are trying to score a direct sale. For a lot of smaller businesses, these ad opportunities might not be worth the investment, or they might be out of reach. But as the saying goes, content is king, and small and medium sized businesses can leverage the power of Facebook by developing and publishing engaging content that spurs interaction with customers and prospects. Engaging with customers on a personal and professional level with Facebook opens up an entire world of potential businesses and improved customer relations.

If you want to transact with your customers, you need to interact. Facebook provides the stage for this interaction, and opens that stage up to businesses of any size. As social media continues to grow and take a more central position in online marketing, business owners are realizing the potential of social media to drive new customers at near zero costs.

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