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Photo Business Cards Aren’t Just for Realtors


Realtors frequently have their photo on their business cards. You’ll often see real tours faces on billboards on the side of the highway. This is typically an acceptable practice. However, direct sales consultants usually are not as quick to put their own photo on their business cards. Real estate is still sales, so why would direct sales really be any different?

The purpose of your business card is so that others can make contact with you easily. Your business cards should also help other professionals connect with you personally. By including your photo it is much easier to accomplish this goal. It is also a lot easier to associate a face from a previous conversation or meeting.

Due to the advances in technology, personal interaction is not as common. Business cards including a photograph make it easier to connect with customers as a person, instead of just a web site. People like to do business with those who they know is a trusted individual.

Do you want people to remember they bought your product? Or that they bought your product from you? Some customers just look for any consultant who can fill an order. As long as they’re happy with anyone, why not help them build a relationship with a consultant who will service them (you)?

One of the excuses consultants use for not wanting to put their photo on their business card is that they think anyone who has a photo on their business card is vain. But adding your photo to your business card is not about vanity, it’s about creating a personal connection.

Another good reason that people don’t want to put a photo on there business card is because they just aren’t happy with how they look or they don’t have a recent photograph. You shouldn’t use a photograph that you took 20 years ago or had taken at glamour shots. But, digital photography makes it easy to try and try again until you have a good shot of yourself. You can also have a friend, spouse or a child take a few shots of you while you say cheese. If it’s a high resolution photo which it should be with most new cameras, then you have a photo you can use. It doesn’t need to be taken by a professional photographer.
When your customers asked where they got that great product, you want them to give out your company name and tell them to just Google it? Or do you want them to give your website so that you can get new business? Including your photo on your business card could increase the odds that people will come back again and again and gave

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