Avenir is a modern residential community in Chicago that prides itself on having an extensive list of amenities for its residents to enjoy. Residents can use a maker studio on the 5th floor and can use a co-working space on the 22nd. There is even a dog spa in the building!

However, while the apartment complex had several luxury on-site amenities, their website didn’t quite fit the same niche. It didn’t match the messaging that Avenir wanted to send out to potential residents. 

The Goals

Avenir wanted a website that was bright and colorful that could demonstrate all they had to offer their tenants. There are countless amenities in this apartment complex, and simply listing them wasn’t going to do. Avenir wanted to find a way to show all of the complex’s features and display them in a way that conveyed their appeal clearly. 

Avenir also wanted to make sure that current residents could use the website to access resident-only features. But, at the same time, the website needed to service future tenants’ needs as well. In short, we had to find a good balance between what life could be like for prospective tenants and what life was currently like for current ones. 

The Challenges

Avenir’s old website was filled with countless bugs and errors, making it extremely hard to use. The original interface was unsalvageable and didn’t have management tools that should adequately show off all of the apartment’s features. 

We had to build the website from the ground up to ensure we didn’t miss any bugs or issues with the old website’s core. We also had to ensure that whatever engine we created would meet the customer’s desire for a vibrant and colorful aesthetic that matched their branding. 

The Results We Achieved Together

The finished website is intuitive and easy to use with the client’s own custom navigation system. Current tenants can find necessary information and access resident-only features, and future tenants can navigate the site easily and can find information on floor plans and availability with ease, as well. 

Because the client wanted a colorful and bright website, we ensured that the website automatically coordinated color on every individual section of the site. By doing this, each section stood out as unique and different while still remaining eye-catching and professional. 

We implemented tasteful imagery blocking and animation featuring closeups of amenities and interiors to draw the eye to each space and provide links to explore Avenir’s bevy of amenities or view floorplans. 

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