There are countless differences between interior design and website design. But designers who take the time to build sites that match their design work show potential clients a commitment to quality and consistency. Some of the same design principles apply in both areas. Let’s look at a few key points to designing effective sites for interior designers.

1. Show Your Style

First and foremost, your particular design aesthetic needs to be communicated visually through your website. Visiting your website should feel a bit like walking into a room you’ve designed. Use the same color palettes you feature most often in your work. Select fonts that fit the emotional character of your work. Ensure that the photographs of your projects don’t clash with the site that frames them. 

Go further by extending these design choices into your email templates, social media, and your company letterhead to show that you have a comprehensive understanding of design from top to bottom. Clients will feel reassured seeing your thorough commitment to expressing a design.

2. Neat Beats Cluttered

You wouldn’t fill a space with so much decoration that it was hard to get around in. The same goes for your website. Incorporating space on a website helps guide visitors, building paths for their eyes to follow and lets your content stand out. Use colored accents to categorize page sections visually and communicate your aesthetic in a subtle way.

Don’t try to fit everything on one page. Separate your content into pages so that each demonstrates an aspect of your business. Introduce yourself on your About page with a mission statement, artist’s statement, or a description of your design principles. Show off previous work with a Portfolio page and share your accolades on a dedicated Press page. Your clients will usually know what they are looking for, and making that content easy to get to is a top priority.

3. Put Your Best Foot Forward

Remember, your site is a showcase more than an archive. You want to make the best impression, present your services, and encourage the client to contact you. Don’t slow that down with too much information to read. Avoid overloaded galleries with too many photos to browse through. Don’t confuse visitors with a convoluted navigation scheme.

Pick your best work and show it off. Use large, clear, and well-lit photos of spaces you’ve designed to show clients what to expect. When it comes to Interior Design, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Keep your navigation and text content out of the way so visitors are greeted with beautiful examples of what you do.

Finally, don’t forget the goal. You want visitors to make contact, so you can follow up with a consultation. Once they decide they want to chat, your site must make it very easy to find out how. Include a contact button in the navigation, and don’t be afraid to repeat that information in relevant locations throughout the site.

Create a Design Space Worth Stepping Into

A world-class interior design agency needs a site that lives up to their brand’s reputation, and our team knows what that takes. 

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