When you’re an internationally recognized, award-winning medical materials supplier, communicating the depth of your knowledge and the breadth of your capabilities requires a thoughtful approach. 

We kept this challenge in mind when Paxxus asked our team to help them rebrand with a new website. We designed a new site that guides visitors through their expansive offerings in a quick and contemporary presentation.

The Goals

Paxxus designs and manufactures packaging materials for the medical industry. With a wide variety of manufacturing processes and different materials to select from, customers and clients need an easy way to drill down to just the options that meet their needs. 

On top of that, it’s useful to define the differences between the options. Some clients are still deciding on the best approach and need help determining which packaging types to consider, so communicating those approaches clearly and persuasively was crucial. 

Finally, the whole site needed to feel on-brand and coherent with Praxxus’ rebranded corporate identity, so visitors can be confident they are in expert hands no matter which part of the site they view.

The Challenges

Simple tags and category filters work fine when you’re selling consumer products with only a few variations. However, navigating a more complex taxonomy requires a carefully designed search and filter module for end-users that guides them to content relevant to their needs. 

Even with a useful search feature, users also need guidance in understanding the options available to make the best purchasing decisions. Paxxus needed a site that reflected their experience and capabilities without bogging visitors down with information overload.

The Results We Achieved Together

We worked with Paxxus to build an entirely new site from the ground up. To begin, we brought their new branding elements to the forefront. Ensuring visitors have a consistent and recognizable experience is a big part of moving them to a new design. A clean and sleek presentation with their new logo and colors serves as the face of the company’s rebranding.

For navigation, we built a multi-parameter selector module. We split the packaging and material options into clear categories in a concise pair of drop-down menus. These means serve as a quick index for the catalog and give viewers a quick way to find relevant content.

Choice is important, but so is simplicity. Many users will already know the product they want and would get frustrated trying to find the right item only by container category. We added a requirements selector and keyword search box that works in tandem with the category drop-down to allow visitors to narrow down the catalog to precisely the right selection based on multiple criteria.

Of course, parsing and filtering complex search combinations requires a fast and flexible back-end. Using our years of experience with WordPress, we scaled up a robust infrastructure to support the full spectrum of the Paxxus catalog. Once this was in place, the next obvious step was to extend it to the massive knowledge base Paxxus has developed.

Paxxus doesn’t just sell its products and services. They also share their wisdom and experience when it comes to product packaging and medical materials production. So we built a front-facing knowledge database full of articles and explanations and equipped it with its own detailed search and filtering functionality.

We constructed a dynamic recommendation stream that spans both the product and knowledge databases to tie it all together. As visitors explore, they see suggestions for related products and associated knowledge base entries, allowing them to quickly move between research and shopping while keeping focused on relevant site content.

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