Tech-Max is a manufacturer that specializes in producing large CNC machined parts for a wide variety of industries. They have the experience and facilities to support everything from aerospace to undersea production and from nuclear power to consumer product manufacturing. With this vast catalog of services, the Tech-Max site must adapt to the client visiting it. Flexible sites are a specialty of ours, so we were eager to lend our expertise!

The Goals

Industrial operators don’t want to waste their time with production facilities that aren’t equipped for their needs. When they arrive at the website for a producer, they need to be assured by images and details relevant to their industry. Tech-Max can serve many industries, but they wanted their site to tailor to each one dynamically.

The Challenges

Building multiple variations of a site to run in parallel is tricky. Careful planning is required to make sure updating and maintaining the page doesn’t become a nightmare. But loading too much extra content can slow down loading times and page responsiveness. Tech-Max wanted a site that feels focused on each potential client, regardless of which industry they work within.

They also came to us with a few design ideas they’d already workshopped and asked us to incorporate them. Among the requests were a large rotating video background banner at the top for industry recognition and engagement, easily accessible, region-relevant contact info, and a floating navigation header menu. CyberOptik is committed to realizing our clients’ design goals, and we were confident we could deliver a new site that met all of Tech-Max’s needs.

The Results We Achieved Together

The new Tech-Max site is 12 sub-sites layered on top of each other, tied together by a unified design. The neutral landing page greets visitors with a beautiful, full-screen video banner showcasing the Tech-Max facilities and some of the projects they’ve completed. Before bogging the visitor down with too much extraneous information, the site offers a simple industry selector that takes the visitor to a corresponding landing page for their industry.

With so many variants, it could be easy to get lost or stuck on the wrong one. So we incorporated a sleek, floating navigation bar that keeps up with the user. With just a couple of clicks, they can jump between all site variants and find additional information.

We also included a custom interactive USA map that allows visitors to choose their region and they are provided with the appropriate point of contact at the company.

Of course, the goal of the site is to convert visitors into clients and customers. To do that, we made sure each variant has a contact button featured clearly near the center of the page. As soon as visitors know they’ve found the right kind of manufacturer, they can seamlessly transition to sending Tech-Max their project details for a consultation.

Finally, we used our WordPress expertise to optimize all of the content. All of the videos and images are scaled and compressed intelligently to ensure quick loads and smooth performance. Our back-end code framework makes sure content doesn’t load until it’s needed so that users can move briskly between pages without any lag.

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