Sukhman and Yagoda have practiced law for nearly 20 years and specialize in representing victims of negligence. Located in Chicago, they have argued for over $300 million to be paid out to the victims of crimes such as medical malpractice and nursing home neglect cases. 

Because of the severe nature of their cases, the people seeking out their website are understandably likely to be in an emotional state. Their website needed to convey precisely what the team at Sukhman and Yagoda could do and share what they couldn’t do. 

The Goals

The team at Sukhman and Yagoda wanted us to create a website for them that showcased their successful cases and decades of experience. These factors matter significantly to people looking for an attorney to represent their case, so putting this information front and center was extraordinarily important. 

Their firm also lacked a pre-defined brand identity, so they asked us to make sure their new website conveyed a clear branded message for their firm – they wanted their clientele to know who they were as a company and who they represent. We were tasked with not only making them a new website but putting their entire company through a brand redesign process. 

The Challenges

Because their firm lacked a clear brand identity, we were tasked with creating a logo, color palette, and layouts that would adequately reflect the image Sukhman and Yagoda wanted to convey as a brand. Did they want to come across as serious and somber? Did they want to come across as empathetic and resourceful? We had to determine questions in the planning phase to get an idea of exactly what the client wanted their brand image to be. 

Then, we had the challenge of ensuring that the firm could display case studies on their previously won cases in an easy-to-navigate place. Sukhman and Yagoda were most insistent that their successful cases needed a spot to be showcased, especially since many carried such a high monetary return for the clients they represented. 

The Results We Achieved Together

Together, we established a confident, bold red as Sukhman and Yagoda’s primary brand color and tied that into their new logo, banner, page accents, and buttons. That banner features several links to contact, learn about the firm and their team, and of course, to view their previously won cases. We complemented the palette with a stark contrast of black and white and incorporated translucency to showcase beautiful imagery of the city they represent while still making room for functional design elements over-top.

We also made sure that, if you scrolled down on the home page, the first thing you’d see is real people- the actual faces behind Sukhman and Yagoda. In doing so, we allowed potential clients to see the team as real people and personify their work. 

Are You A Lawyer Looking for a Reliable Website Partner?

Ensuring that your clients can recognize you both as a firm and as a person is critical to building trust and converting visitors with questions into clients. Your website, as such, needs to convey a sense of brand identity to the clientele who search for it. 

If you’re stuck about how to get your firm’s ideals and missions translated into a website form, look no further than our web design experts at CyberOptik. We can help you create a website made that will meet every need of you and your clients. Contact us at CyberOptik today, and let us help you get your firm’s website off the ground.