Key Investment is a property management firm located in Illinois that’s been around for 40 years. Over those years, their website grew to include all of their property services. Having so many properties that they manage meant that, eventually, their website grew unruly and hard to deal with. 

So, we sat down with their team to design a website that did their services justice. 

The Goals

A good real estate website needs to be easy to look through and easier to find information on. The navigation system needs to be simple and easy to follow without any hiccups. For a company with as many properties as Key Investment, the website needs to house multiple different pages for each property. 

In addition, the website for Key Investment needed to make it easy for clients to find the listings and information pertinent to them in their search. Because Key Investment provides management for commercial and residential facilities, their website needed to distinguish these areas of expertise somehow. 

The Challenges

We had to make sure that the average client would be able to view the website and know precisely what services and types of properties Key Investment offers at first glance. Because the company has such a wide variety of dealings, we had to make sure each of these services was featured in their own way. 

In addition, we wanted to make sure the website had an open and easy-to-follow layout without clutter getting in the way of what truly mattered: the properties. 

The Results We Achieved Together

The finished website is clean and easy to use, with a focus on organization. As soon as you reach the landing page, you’re able to quickly find what it is that you’re looking for. A clean, easy-to-read navigation bar at the top displays links for Key Designs’ About, Contact, Services, and more. Residential, Retail, Industrial, and Office properties are displayed on a large slider featured in the center foreground of the first page. Just below, each of Key Designs’ services is laid out with links to corresponding landing pages for ease of access.

We also made sure that the first thing people saw when visiting the website was large photos of the properties, letting viewers see precisely what their new home or business will look like. A company that shows images front and center has nothing to hide. 

Are you a Management Firm Looking for a Reliable Website Partner?

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