The interior design field is bigger than ever and design firms like the Interior Design Group require a website that brings their skill and experience to the forefront to stand out from the crowd. 

After 35 years of developing their excellence, IDG was ready for a site rebranding and came to us for help updating the look of their previous site we had built to match their new style.

The Goals

IDG has a long history of creating beautiful and functional workspaces and offices. Just walking into an IDG designed area is enough to know they are at the top of the game. We wanted to capture that feeling on the website, with large displays of their past work taking center stage and minimal distraction in the site’s interface.

Designing a workspace is a long project, and it’s important to work with friendly and talented experts who can guide you through each step. IDG wanted to introduce their team to potential clients and assure them they’ll be in good hands.

Finally, we wanted to come up with a way to illustrate IDGs long history. Showing their growth and long-running success in a visual medium would serve to instill trust in visitors. When you work with a company like IDG with a proven record, you know you’re getting the benefit of all those years of experience. That confidence is something we wanted to convey right off the bat.

The Challenges

The best way to know IDG’s work is to stand inside a space they’ve designed. The eye-catching accents and modern colors combine to create comfortable and productive workplaces. Building a website to give visitors a glimpse of that experience means paying as much attention to our presentation as IDG does to theirs. 

When it comes to introducing their team, IDG wanted to go beyond a simple portrait, name, and title. They wanted a place to brag about their fantastic staff and showcase the years of experience each has had in the interior design space. Convincing enterprise clients that the team will be enjoyable to work with is just as crucial as any list of services provided.

It’s one thing to tell a visitor that IDG has 35 years of experience. But there’s more to that history than a number. It’s a 35-year story of success. Inviting visitors to know that story helps build the brand identity and reinforces the overall message of experience.

The Results We Achieved Together

IDG already has a brand identity built around minimalist black-and-white logos and shared some of their ideas about the site layout. We carried those forward into the new design, creating lots of open space on the page. Then we filled that space with stunning photographs that give visitors a peek at what it’s like to stand in an IDG designed space.

The home page greets visitors with a nearly full-screen carousel of finished IDG projects using images in stunning quality while still being optimized for loading speed. It’s clear from the very first moment that IDG knows interior design. An unobtrusive navigation bar at the top anchors the page and invites visitors to learn more.

For more examples, visitors can check out the Portfolio page, where a superb selection of IDG projects displays in a neat, gallery-style arrangement. Clicking on any of the thumbnail images takes visitors to a detailed project page with client testimonials and high-resolution photographs.

On the Team page, visitors meet the IDG team through friendly portraits. Clicking on any of them expands a staff biography section. Providing a little personable insight and some details on experience and specialization helps demonstrate the wide range of skills on the IDG staff and engender positivity and recognition with potential clients.

For the About page, we designed a timeline to show the history of the Interior Design Group. Using a visual illustration like this makes space to tell more of the company’s story and reinforces the idea that they’ve been doing this work for a long time (and will be for a long time to come!)

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