Your website does a lot more than show off to your current tenants. In reality, your website can function as your most effective form of marketing and advertisement for potential buyers and tenants. Ensuring that your website is organized and easy to follow ensures that your website visitors have as few roadblocks as possible between seeing your page and contacting you. 

But how do you ensure that your online window shoppers turn into actual buyers? There are a few steps that you can take to make it happen, and it all starts with a well-designed website.

1. Make It User Friendly

A good website is only good if it has its users in mind. Users are demanding, and if you don’t land a good first impression, they’ll find another site that will hold their interest better. If you’re looking to attract potential buyers, the last thing you want to do is make them click away due to poor user experience

Make your website as easy as possible to navigate, and make sure that your user demands are met. If your real estate website is primarily about apartment rentals, for example, make sure that floor plans and virtual tours are easy to find. Ensure that contact information is readily available and consider using a live chat feature to answer visitor questions in real-time as well as capture information after hours.

2. Imagery Matters

When you’re selling or leasing property, it’s crucial that your potential tenants get the most positive and accurate representation of your properties as possible. If you only show floorplans, your website viewers will think that you are hiding something. 

Be transparent and show as many well-lit and well-shot photos as possible.

Suppose you’re a company selling homes; for example, post photos of the house inside and out. Make sure to focus from the angle of someone walking into a room, and let them envision themselves living in the space. Implement 360 views of the spaces you have for rent or sale and offer links to contact you directly with questions about a particular room or property right from the views page.

3. Eye-Catching, Not Flashy

Though many will say otherwise, loud graphics and animations aren’t always going to make your customers stick around. Overdone animations and may be distracting to the overall website experience. Worse, it may not function right on all devices, leaving some of your potential buyers without the whole experience of your website. That’s not to say that tasteful animation isn’t welcome – Clever transitions and eye-catching links to your floorplans or amenities can be excellent tools to show off your best assets.

Go for usability over aesthetics. Ensure that you’re focusing on straightforward navigation and fast loading times, and make sure to double-check all links work correctly. These things keep people on your site longer, and thus, they are more likely to consider buying what you have to offer. 

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