Elmhurst Centre for Performing Arts is dedicated to creating a hub for theater, music, dance, and comedy, where artists and patrons share their love of the performing arts. They began with a small group of people with a vision and waited for the right time to make it happen.

Elmhurst Centre for Performing Arts (ECPA) has the primary goal of creating a vibrant theater complex in Elmhurst City Centre – a long-term investment for the community with strong ties to local businesses and residents.

The Goals

ECPA needed a site built to promote their fundraising efforts on the run-up to their grand opening.

They needed to showcase the centre and promote interest in the events they had planned for the coming weeks. This meant providing timely information, showcasing their future plans, and connecting with their local community through their ethos and aesthetic. It was essential to provide clear resources for all the information pertaining to who they were, their history, vision, support options, and much more.

They also needed it to integrate commerce features for the client to take donations and purchase tickets to events directly through the site. They wanted this to be like a shopping experience, where you can add different donation amounts to your “cart” as if you were shopping.

The Challenges

ECPA needed a site that was easy to manage without technical expertise. They needed to save time and money by being able to manage it in-house and keep their events, partners, and other related parties updated on their own.

CyberOptik had a lot to do in a short amount of time. There were no photos of the completed project available, but ECPA needed to make what they had work. This tasked our team with filling out a site with only renders of the upcoming building that was currently under construction..

This provided a substantial challenge, as the ambition of the nonprofit had to take center stage and with no finished photos of the centre or the live events they’d be holding in the future, promoting its spaces would be a substantial undertaking.

They needed to be able to accept donations easily in a way that’s user-friendly. They also wanted people to be able to pay for event tickets only. So, they needed to use tools to make that happen. This meant that our team was tasked with integrating commerce features for the client to take donations directly through the site as well.

The Results We Achieved Together

We provided ECPA with easy tools to manage their content, to update their site with partners/sponsors, dates and other pertinent information, as well as the ability to include their logos and links to their brands. Finally, we added an events calendar to the site that allows users to register and purchase tickets for events.

CyberOptik helped ECPA to achieve each of their goals and build them a website that helps introduce their mission, speak to what they offer, and provide links to their resources. The site features dedicated sections for patrons to learn about the organization and its efforts, sign up for its mailing list, register to volunteer, read about ECPA’s history and vision, and ultimately explore the centre with a virtual tour.

It also includes resources for the press and a blog, as well as sections for donating to their cause, sponsorship, advertising, and even estate planning.

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