The National Able Network seeks to make careers happen. Their clients receive personalized career support integrating career coaching, specialized training, and direct connections to the job market. Their programs are designed to help job seekers from all backgrounds, including the unemployed, career changers, military veterans, seniors, and aspiring IT professionals.

Their services for job seekers include career training and coaching, as well as connections to career opportunities. For businesses, they offer staffing and training resources that aid in selecting a quality workforce.

Lastly, their services for nonprofits include leading-edge back office support for important areas of growth. These include information technology, finance and accounting, a customer contact center, strategy development, and real estate and office planning

The Goals

The NAN had a very specific vision and presented us with wireframes created by their internal designer. They wanted to provide resources for their website viewers and wanted to add several features.

This meant that NAN needed a diversified user experience that drew in the right visitors to the proper areas of the site and helped them reach out to the organization.

The Challenges

National Able Network has multiple sites to manage for their network of charities. This requires a lot of time and energy, as well as a solid team. Their team needed to be able to easily update and change the information on the sites over time — without making the process increasingly complicated or requiring extra technical expertise to do so.

Since they have multiple websites for a network of charities, making them easy to manage was crucial to keep their operation running smoothly. If they were too complex, the client could lose time, views, and overall progress on their important mission.

Data shows that websites that are hard to navigate lose traffic. If you can’t get your audience hooked in the first few seconds they visit your site, you will lose them. So, ensuring the website was easy to navigate was essential. This meant uniting their wide range of website features and various landing pages were easy to find, navigate through, and contact them from.

NAN also had a very specific vision for what they wanted, which presented us with both a great foundation and a true challenge. Ensuring that their initial vision matched up with the look and experience we provided meant ensuring our team was attentive to every detail and meticulous in execution.

The Results We Achieved Together

NAN needed a web design team with the experience and the qualifications to be a long-term partner to continue work with them as their charities continue to grow.

We turned their vision and wireframes into a complete user experience — drawing each target demographic to the proper areas of the site, and helped them reach out to the organization with their needs and experience.

Their site is packed with features including a section for team bios, a unique blog to tell success stories, a media room to download documents, a careers listing page, an events calendar, and more. And all of those features were designed to be easily manageable, even by team members with no technical experience.

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