As a manufacturer, most of your focus is on the products you create and the tools you use to create them. But how do you show potential clients that you put that much care into your work? With a website that is as clean, professional, and well-designed as the rest of your offerings, of course.

Web design is a continually moving target, and staying up to date on design trends helps you position your company as a modern player in the manufacturing market. 

1. Bold Banners Introduce Your Company

The first thing visitors to your site should see is an eye-catching banner, sometimes called a “hero banner.” It sits at the top of your page and serves as the foundation of your customer’s first impression of your company. Make it count.

Cutting-edge manufacturers can produce video packages that work as banner backgrounds or framed videos that introduce their services to add some motion and liveliness to the page while giving users a visual peek at the type of facilities you operate and the industries you cater to. 

With or without a video, your banner must establish your brand in simple terms. Think of it as a billboard. You need to communicate your core brand identity in just a few well-chosen words. Consider straight-forward pitches like “Precision Aerospace Manufacturing,” “Global Plastics Supply,” or “Specialty Packaging Experts.”

2. Demonstrate Your Expertise

Visitors to your site want to find proof of two things: That you provide the kinds of services they need and have the experience to do the job well. Your banner will explain what you do, but proving your experience takes a little more work.

One of the best ways to show you know your stuff is to feature an industry blog. Utilize your team’s wisdom to create articles explaining the technical processes, design principles, or environmental strategies your company uses. Providing these insights isn’t just a way to give back to the community. It’s also a way to establish brand authority. 

Users who explore your company blog and/or knowledgebase get a guided tour of your strengths as a company. Informative articles can spread on social media, driving organic traffic to your site. And of course, if you’re writing about your own industry, you’ll naturally include a lot of content that will help improve your search engine ranking for relevant terms.

3. Cover All Your Bases

The most successful manufacturers build flexible facilities that can adapt to a variety of production processes. Customers who find your site while looking for one particular product or service should get a chance to learn about your additional offerings. After all, most projects need various parts and operations to come together, and if you can cover more than one need at once, you become a more valuable resource for clients.

Building a clear navigation bar, organizing your content into intuitive categories, and pointing out related services all help users see the full breadth of your catalog. While most of any given page should focus on the primary topic, consider incorporating easy-to-follow paths to other parts of your site to help curious visitors understand everything you can do.

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