Central Building & Preservation offers expert masonry repair and historic renovation to repair and restore historic buildings and landmarks, as well as ensure the foundation of these historic properties are safe for future generations. 

However, Central Building wasn’t always in the line of historical restoration. The company is as historic as some of its project work, beginning in 1924 as a small company focusing on masonry exteriors and repairing wind, rain, and snow damage to the outside of buildings. 

As the world began to change in the 1950s and onward, the company shifted gears and focused on the damage caused by sooty and polluted air. In short, the company has faced numerous unique challenges with its restorative work thanks to changing times.

Their website, just like the buildings they brought back to former glory, also needed a little careful attention and thoughtful refurbishment. 

The Goals

Central Building wanted a website that communicated its ethos, history, and expertise. They focus on historical preservation, and they wanted their website to convey how unique their business truly was. Many construction companies don’t have such a specific focus, and Central Building’s long history of preserving the past with strong attention to detail was a key pillar they wanted to showcase to truly make them stand out online. 

This meant they had to have a website that not only showcased previous projects but also showed the wide scope of work the company was able to complete to preserve the past well into the future. 

The Challenges

Central Building restores buildings across multiple eras, which means their work is extremely diverse. This means their portfolio needed to detail the different kinds of work they have completed and make it easy for potential clients to see their breadth of possibility and impressive scope. 

Each project was extremely detailed, and potential clients would of course want access to as much information as possible, but how is a company to put all of that information on a website in a way that is accessible to the reader and tells the whole story of the project without stretching on for countless unexplored pages? 

Another issue was that customers would want to know something about the history of the company and how that plays into their historical work, especially since the brand company has such a long and storied past. Communicating where Central Building has been and where they are primed to go was going to be a crucial element in promoting their tenure, skill, and desirability.

The Results We Achieved Together

In the end, we at CyberOptik decided to create a historical timeline on their website, allowing Central Building to showcase its unique history. We also included detailed pages about the specific kinds of services Central Building offers, putting a focus on their specialties and standout projects along the way. 

In addition, we focused on presenting their portfolio page in a way that was bold, yet simple, featuring breathtaking photographs of historic buildings they resurrected from the past and linking to dedicated galleries with featured case studies. Users can click on each image and see the full story behind the restoration project–including bits of lore and progress photos from the project–as they browse through Central Building’s site.