Everybody is constantly telling you that you need to get a new blog for your business’ website.  Business blogs can also draw a lot more web traffic to your site.  But are there any reasons that you might consider not having a business blog?  There actually are, and you should take these into consideration before getting started.

Regular Posting and Maintenance

Running a business blog takes quite a bit of time.  At the minimum, you should really be posting at least once a week, more if possible.  For a lot of people, writing even just a short blog post can be a difficult task.  Being consistent is key and if you can’t keep up with the schedule, this could be a problem.

If you don’t have the time, delegating or outsourcing your posting are options.  But if you run your own business, delegating that task to somebody else is often out of the question.  Outsourcing these posts can work, but it is a big job, especially if you have never done it before.  It also costs money.

Too Busy to Get Started

Before you get started blogging, you should invest some time in making a plan for your new blog.  Create a blog or blog page on your website.  Without proper planning and strategy, your blog will become a pointless waste of your time.  If you really don’t have the time to get this started, it’s another great reason you should probably wait until you do.

No Focus

There are some great reasons to start a business blog, but if after you read these reasons and find yourself wondering if you should bother, this might be a sign that you should not.  Your business blog should have a clear goal in order to keep it focused and valuable.  If it doesn’t have a goal, your posts will be all over the place and will actually harm your image by making you look unprofessional.

Your Customers Aren’t Online

Of course, having a blog on your website might not be useful in your industry.  If the demographic that you target is elderly, conservative or rural, you might find little to no response to your business blog.  If your customers don’t spend any time online or use smartphones, it could be a wasted effort.  In this case, you might be better off investing your time and energy into offline marketing that will reach your customers more easily.

A Trial Run

One way to find out if blogging is right for your business is just to go ahead and start one.  Give it a trial run and then you can see for yourself how it feels, and whether there’s a positive response to it.  If you do decide to delegate or outsource your blogging, a few weeks of doing it yourself is still a great help.  This can teach you what is involved, and helps to better train the people who will be doing the blogging for you.