Construction Companies face a challenge when their customers land on their website—they need to convince their customers that they, out of the thousands of competitors, are the perfect option for their construction project. 

This means your construction company needs to have a website that removes the concerns of your clients as well as highlights your unique services and breadth of expertise. In short, you need a website that showcases your brand and makes you the most enticing option for a potential client to consider. 

Curious about how you can get more traffic to your business with a great website? Check out our top three tips below on how to get your phone ringing in 2021

1. Stunning Photography

The imagery on your website is arguably the most powerful tool you have to draw in eyes and keep them clicking. If they can see what the final result of your expert craftsmanship looks like, then they can envision the incredible things your team can do for their project. 

One great tip is to focus on your before-and-after shots, showcasing the impact that your company had on existing land or architecture. Don’t be afraid to incorporate the history of the property visually. You can also use more close-up detail shots of complicated projects and highlight photographs of some of the in-progress work, showing them that your workers have nothing to hide throughout the construction process. 

The real secret here is to invest in quality (professional) photography for certain points along the way–at the very least in the before and after shots. If you can swing a shoot for some in-progress work where your team is hard at work erecting a future landmark, then all the better for engendering a sense of awe and respect from your future clientele. 

2. Reviews

Putting reviews, both good and bad, on your website shows your customers that you’re transparent and that your brand is backed by satisfied clients. You can make reviews sortable, making it so the best reviews show up first to influence their first impression of you, and respond to negative ones to show that your priority is serving your community and making the recovery when things don’t end up perfect. 

Another great feature of reviews is that honest reviews from clients can highlight things your team does that don’t necessarily fit neatly into other organizational elements on your website. Your reviews may talk about your kind employees, how your services were finished ahead of schedule, and how you went above and beyond for your client. These things aren’t as easy to fit on any other portion of your website without sounding pretentious or braggy. 

3. Service Area

Making it clear right from the beginning what areas you service makes your local customers more likely to reach out to you. They will see you as someone who has made a positive impact on their community if they can see photos and reviews, some even of places they’ve seen and people they know. 

By making it clear you’re local to a specific community and highlighting those community projects, you’re going to show your future clients that you’re a brand that they can stand by as a member of their local community. 

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