Electronic Entry Systems explains their work as primarily consisting of redoing the work others have done poorly. As grueling as that may sound, EES takes pride in providing Greater Chicagoland with the area’s highest-quality automatic gates and easy control-systems. They’re focused on the safety of people, vehicles, and property, and utilize a variety of methods to make that safety a top priority. 

They also serve quite a variety of clientele, ranging from home- and ranch-owners to commercial business parks, condo complexes and residential communities. While unique, this posed challenges for how to cater content across their site that appealed to each vastly different target audience without chasing away their others.

The Goals

Electronic Entry Systems wanted a website that showcased the variety of work that they do, from corporate properties to individual homes. They also wanted a website that illustrated the fact they are a part of the local Chicagoland community and one that clients could trust to keep them and their properties safe and secure. 

Since their scope is so broad, it was crucial that the information pertaining to each service demographic was easy to find and navigate in short order by both homeowners and business owners. 

The Challenges

The different types of services offered presented a unique challenge, as it was important to make sure that both corporate and residential locations were featured on the site and that it was easy to sort and search for either. 

We also had to ensure all of the information, such as features of service and service area maps, were easy for potential clients to find and navigate.

Products offered needed to be able to be found with precision and all details about those products needed to be presented clearly and concisely. This meant that each page had to quickly detail the product and nail the elevator pitch to keep interest and snag leads. 

The Results We Achieved Together

Together, we were able to create a website that showcased visual examples of Electric Entry Systems’ previous projects and that immediately tied the areas of service to a concrete representation of their value. In doing so, we made sure that customers could easily see what gates and their accessories looked like for condos, farms, homes, and industrial parks, giving them ideas of options available. 

We also made sure to focus on creating an easy-to-navigate menu banner that lives at the top of the screen at all times and offers clear page options with intuitive hover-over dropdown menus to drill down further. We also created a service area page that allows local businesses and individuals to get a dynamic Google map view of EES’ service area, along with a clear list of the cities and states that they serve.

Another major focus was the products page, where each product associated with their electronic systems is listed with all necessary details. Customers considering the heightened security of one product but worried about its limitations can click on it and see full details about each tier of product EES offers.

Finally, we made sure their website featured their values front and center on the homepage, championing that their priority is safety and security, and promoting their brand mission by assuring their visitors they have come to the right place.