Preparing and launching a new website is a lot of work. Shouldn’t you take full advantage of your new website?

Once your new website is online, it’s time to brag about it and let the world know to check it out!

Are you excited to be announcing a new website example for your business?

#1. Harness the Power of Email

A new website launch presents a fantastic opportunity to connect with your clients and vendors. If you’ve built a contacts database or have a newsletter, send an email announcing your new website.

It doesn’t need to be a long story – invite them to navigate and share their thoughts. This approach highlights your website and nurtures client interaction and involvement.

#2. Leverage Your Email Signature

Consider the number of emails you send in a day – likely dozens, perhaps even more. Each one is an opportunity to promote your website subtly. Incorporate your website link into your email signature. With a simple one-time set-up, your new website gets a ticket to ride on all your outgoing emails.

Example: “Be sure to check out our new website!!

(Remember to hyperlink the address correctly and test it!)

#3. Make Your Website a Part of Your Conversation

Casually mention your new website whenever you’re interacting with clients (via email, phone, or in person). This tactic demonstrates your business’s active engagement and emphasizes your commitment to your clients and your brand. Naturally, your website will unravel more about your company and your services.

#4. Share It on Social Media

Whether your platform of choice is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or another, ensure your profiles include a website address. Then schedule a few posts inviting your followers to visit your new website. Social media can be a powerful catalyst to boost your online traffic.

#5. Get Mentioned on Partner Websites

Have a sister company, parent company, or other companies you work with regularly? Consider requesting them to feature a link or mention your website on their social media, etc. It’s an approach that is mutually beneficial.

#6. Align Your Marketing Collateral

Your new website is the digital presence of your business. Is your offline marketing collateral mirroring that? Check for consistency in branding and messaging across all your marketing materials. Ensure your website address is clearly visible and that there’s no discrepancy between your online and offline presence.

#7. Use Your Company Vehicles as Mobile Advertisements

If you own company vehicles, use them as moving billboards to advertise your website. You don’t need to include the complete ‘https://www’ prefix — just the main address ( is enough. This strategy taps into the potential of offline marketing and gets your website in front of countless people.

For example, if our site is — I only need to include on the vehicle; the rest will automatically be filled in when someone visits the website.

#8. Don’t Forget Your Office

If your business has a physical location, your office can be the perfect spot for advertising your website. Add your web address to the window or door signage, inviting passersby to visit.

Hopefully, these tips have been helpful. These strategies can substantially amplify the visibility and reach of your new website. While some are instant and free, others may require an investment. Each of these strategies can enhance your website’s success.

Remember, “If you build it, they will come” isn’t a thing anymore. Your website needs strategic promotion to fully blossom and thrive in the competitive digital market.