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The Key Features of Mobile Business Websites

The mobile Internet is growing tremendously fast. As a result, a great number of mobile business websites are being launched as savvy business owners are starting to realize where their target audience is spending all of their time.isolated iPhone with clipping path

From gathering product information to searching for local goods and services, people are using their smartphones to conduct business more than ever.

In order to have an effective mobile website, there are certain important features that must be implemented to make sure that prospective users become paying customers.


  • Mobile websites use a trimmed down layout that cuts the fat and allows loading to go much more quickly. Even the latest smartphones and high-speed networks are still typically faster than desktop computers so it is important to make sure accessibility and speed are a priority.
  • It’s dead-simple to add a “call now” button on your website that simplifies the process of contacting your business. One tap and a prospect can be on their way to becoming your next customer.
  • Mobile websites can be integrated with mobile maps which makes it far easier for people to locate your business.
  • Mobile websites make it easier to integrate text and SMS messaging, which can make it easier to build a list of leads and customers.

Social Media

  • Social media is one of the biggest activities for mobile users. Mobile devices and social media are like peanut butter and jelly.
  • Mobile websites can be easily integrated with your own social media accounts to let you engage more easily with customers
  • Mobile users can easily share your mobile website with their networks using integrated social sharing tools.


  • Mobile users are often seeking specific information about a business. The advantage of this is that they are typically ready to take action or visit your business right away.
  • Mobile websites are designed to move the conversion process along rapidly by making your contact details prominent and allowing single-click access to your communication channels.

Mobile Coupons and Deals

  • Coupons, discounts and deals can be easier to manage with redemption tracking through a mobile interface.
  • Visitors can save a coupon or deal on their device, share it easily over social networks or have it emailed directly to them.
  • There are many tools for scheduling and managing coupons and special promotions on mobile platforms.


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